Dan Newmyer is a veteran political strategist and has worked at a high level for both political parties. His commentary and guests provide a unique vantage point on Connecticut politics from an insider’s perspective.

Dan formerly worked for the Senate Democrats as a statewide field coordinator on federal, gubernatorial and state level races. Dan also worked for the Unions as a political operative on many state races and as an organizer and lobbyist for the CT state employees union and SEIU. Dan’s knowledge of the inner workings in Connecticut politics is that of a veteran operative.

Dan left Democratic political work 2004 to concentrate on his construction business which was licensed in Connecticut, Fishers Island NY and in NYC.
Being dealt a blow in the recession and feeling the Democratic Party no longer represented the working people of CT. Dan returned to Politics to fight against the one party system for conservative candidates and values as a Republican.

“Connecticut needs to change. Years of fiscal mismanagement and favoring special interests have left us in dire straights. It's time for new ideas and a leaner more responsive efficient government. You will have a front seat with me a veteran political operative as your guide. Together each week we will meet the political leaders on the front lines, discuss the issues and find the solutions to return business, jobs and prosperity to Connecticut. I invite you to join me as we are all in this together!"